Murut, Keningau


A language of Malaysia

Alternate Names
Central Murut

3,000 (2015 A. Jampadin), decreasing. Ethnic population: 7,000 (2000).


Sabah: Keningau district, north of Keningau town east of the Pegalan river down to Ansip village.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Nabay (Dabai, Dabay, Nabai, Nebee, Rabai, Rabay), Ambual. Reportedly similar to Bookan [bnb] and Timugon [tih].

Language Use

Young people prefer Sabah Malay [msi], Standard Malay [zsm]. Mixed use: Home, Friends. No children, some adults, all elderly. Positive attitudes. All also use Sabah Malay [msi]. Most also use Standard Malay [zsm]. Some also use Bookan [bnb], Hakka Chinese [hak], Paluan [plz], Tahol [mvv], Timugon Murut [tih]. A few also use Kadazan Dusun [dtp], Kuijau [dkr]. Used as L2 by Gana [gnq].

Language Development
Poetry. Newspapers. New media. Radio programs. TV. Videos. NT: 2010.

Latin script [Latn].

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