A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Caravare, Curuaia, Kuruaia

No known L1 speakers. The last fluent speakers died in 2010 (Picanço 2010). Ethnic population: 130 (2006 FUNASA). 115 (2002) in Cajueiro village (Crevels 2007).


Pará state: Altamira municipality; Terra Indígena Curuá, Cajueiro village, Curuá river right bank; Terra Indígena Xipaia, Altamira town.

Language Maps
Language Status

9 (Dormant).

Language Use

Shifted to Portuguese [por]. Also use Portuguese [por], especially in Cajueiro village where people only know a few words in their L1 (Crevels 2007).

Other Comments

In Altamira, Kuruaya and Xipaya [xiy] are sometimes considered a single ethnic group due to intermarriage. This complicates a precise demographic (2007 census).

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