A language of Viet Nam

Alternate Names
Bendi Lolo, Ka Bao, Ka Beo, Ka Biao, Laqua, Lolo, Pen Ti, Pu Péo, Pubiao, Pupeo, Qabiaw

690 in Viet Nam (2009 census). Ethnic population: Most of the ethnic group use the language (Bradley 2007a). Total users in all countries: 708.


Ha Giang province: Dunshi, Pugao, Pula, Pubang, and Manong; Yên Minh and Mèo Vac districts; Dông Van district, Phô Là and Sung Chang villages.

Language Status

6b (Threatened). Language of recognized ethnic group: Pu Peo.


None known. Lexical similarity: 38% with Gelao, 33% with Lachi [lbt], 30% with Northern Zhuang, 29% with Dong, 26% with Hlai [lic], 10% with Hmong, 7% with Iu Mien [ium].

Language Use

Some young people, all adults. Many also use Mandarin Chinese [cmn] (Asian Minorities Outreach 1999a). Some also use Nung [nut] (Asian Minorities Outreach 1999a).


Latin script [Latn], no longer in use.

Other Comments

Pu Péo is an official ethnic community. Traditional religion.

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