Alternate Names
Bale, Baledha, Balendru, Baletha, Batha, Bbadha, Bbaledha, Hema-Nord, Kihema-Nord, Kilendu, Ndrulo

750,000 in Democratic Republic of the Congo (1996 SIL). Total users in all countries: 761,100.


Orientale province: Ituri district, Djugu territory, west and northwest of Lake Albert.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Djadha (Jidha), Tadha, Pidha, Ddralo (Ddradha), Njawlo (Njawdha). Tadha is standard dialect. Djadha is largest and is used for literature. Jidha is the variety of the Bagegere (Northern Hema) who have adopted Lendu.

Language Use

Spoken as L1 by people from 4 ethnic backgrounds: Lendu, Hema-North, Alur, and Okebu. Also use Congo Swahili [swc].

Language Development
NT: 1936–1989.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Distinct from the Bale dialect of Ngombe [ngc]. Christian.

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