Ladji Ladji


A language of Australia

Alternate Names
Acaxee, Laci-Laci, Ladji-Ladji, Laitchi-Laitchi, Laitu, Laitu-Laitu, Latja Latji, Latjalatji, Latje Latje, Latjilatji, Latjoo-Latjoo, Latyoo-Latyoo, Ledji-Ledji, Ledjiledji, Leitch-Leitchi, Litchoo-Litchoo, Litchy-Litchy, Lutchye-Lutchye

No known L1 speakers (census). Probably became extinct early in 20th century.


Victoria state.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).

Language Development

In 2015, Dr. Luise Hercus, a leading chronicler of endangered Australian Aboriginal languages, gathered Ladji Ladji and other indigenous groups together to hear recordings of their heritage languages with the goal of helping the groups ‘maintain and teach their languages to future generations’.


Unwritten [Qaax].

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