A language of Italy

Alternate Names

3,600,000 in Italy (2002). Total users in all countries: 3,903,000.


Lombardy region: Bregaglia, Mesoldina, and Poschiavo valleys; Piedmont region: Novara province; Trentino-Alto Adige region: west Trentino border area; Emilia-Romagna region: small areas along Po river northwest of Piacenza; Veneto region: east shoreline area, Lake Garda.

Language Status

6a* (Vigorous).


Milanese, Eastern Lombard, Western Lombard (Nicosia, Novara, Piazza Armerina, San Fratello), Alpine Lombard, Novarese Lombard, Trentino Western, Latin Fiamazzo, Latin Anaunico, Bergamasco, Ticinese (Ticino). A group of varieties, some of which may be separate languages. Western Lombard dialects (of Ticino and Graubünden) inherently intelligible. Speakers in more conservative valleys may have to use some kind of standard dialect to communicate with those of other dialects of Lombard. Lombard varieties in Piedmont region are mutually intelligible with neighboring Piedmontese [pms] dialects. Very different from standard Italian [ita].

Language Use

In towns and among younger generations the use of Lombard has diminished significantly (Salminen 2007). Also use Italian [ita].

Language Development

TV. Dictionary. Bible portions: 1859–1860.


Latin script [Latn], in development.

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