Lawa, Eastern


A language of Thailand

Alternate Names
Bo Luang Lawa, Lavua, “Lua” (pej.)

7,000 (Nahhas 2011). Ethnic population: 8,000 (Nahhas 2011).


Chiang Mai province: Hot district, Bo Luang and Bo Sali subdistricts, 16 villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Bo Luang, Bo Sangae. Not intelligible of most Western Lawa dialects [lcp].

Language Use

Very high language vitality. All domains, except government and education (which are in Thai [tha]). All ages. Positive attitudes. Proud of Lawa history and culture and want to maintain language. All also use Northern Thai [nod], especially for government and school. Many also use Thai [tha], with outsiders.

Language Development
Literacy in Thai [tha] is common.

Thai script [Thai].

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Buddhist.

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