Malaccan Creole Portuguese


A language of Malaysia

Alternate Names
Bahasa Geragau, Bahasa Serani, Luso-Malay, Malacca Creole, Malaccan, Malaqueiro, Malaquenho, Malaquense, Malaquês, Malayo-Portuguese, Malaysian Creole Portuguese, Papia Cristao, Papia Kristang, Portuguese Patois, Português de Malaca, Serani

2,150 (Bradley 2007b). Ethnic population: 10,000 (Bradley 2007b).


Melaka: Hilir and Trankera on Malacca Straits; Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).

Language Use

English [eng] is rapidly becoming the dominant language among the younger generation. Some young people, all adults. Mainly adults 50 and older, about one-third of young adults, some children (Bradley 2007a). Most also use Malay [zlm], especially local varieties. Some also use English [eng], especially older women.

Language Development

Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1884.


Latin script [Latn], no longer in use.

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