Mambila, Cameroon


A language of Cameroon

Alternate Names
Bang, Bea, Ble, Juli, Lagubi, Mambere, Mambilla, Nor, Tagbo, Tongbo, Torbi

30,000 (1993 UBS).


Adamawa region: northwest Mayo-Banyo division, Banyo and Bankim subdivisions on Nigeria border; North West region: eastern Donga-Mantung division.

Language Maps
Language Status

5* (Developing).


Ju Ba, Sunu Torbi (Torbi), Ju Naare (Mambila de Gembu), Langa. Closely related to Mvanlip [mcj] (Magu) in Nigeria. Reportedly similar to Mambila [mzk] of Nigeria. A continuum of related varieties; one end unintelligible to speakers of the other. Langa inherently intelligible to some, but not most others. At least 4 dialects in Cameroon.

Language Development

Dictionary. NT: 2001.


Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Muslim.

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