A language of Chad

Alternate Names
Abiri, Abiyi, Ebiri, Mararet, Merarit

42,400 (1993 census). 15,400 Mararit, 27,000 Abou Charib.


Ouaddaï region: Assoungha department, Mabrone subprefecture, Mararit; Wadi Fira region: Biltine department, Am Zoer subprefecture, Abou Charib.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a* (Vigorous).


Mararit, Abou Charib (Abu Sharib, Abu Sharin). Limited intelligibility between the Abou Charib and Mararit dialects. Very difficult intelligibility of Tama [tma]. Not intelligible of Sungor [sjg]. Lexical similarity: 62% with Tama [tma], 75% between the Abou Charib and Mararit dialects.

Language Use

Also use Chadian Spoken Arabic [shu].

Other Comments

The Abou Charib live north of the Mararit and trace their ancestry to them. Muslim.

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