A language of Venezuela

Alternate Names
Arihini, Bale, Cunipusana, Ihini, Maldavaca, Mandauaca, Mandauáca, Mandawaca, Mandawaka, Mandawáka, Mitua, Yavita

No known L1 speakers. Last speakers may have survived into the 1990s. Ethnic population: The size of the ethnic group is not clear since the usually cited number of 3,000 (1975 G. Indigenista) probably includes Baré [bae], Baniva [bwi] and Mandahuaca (Crevels 2007).


Amazonas state: Colombia border, extreme southwest on Baria river and Casiquiare canal, east of Baré [bae] language area.

Language Status

10 (Extinct).


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

’Baré’ is a cover term for separate languages: Baré [bae], Mandahuaca, Guarekena [gae], Baniwa [bwi], Piapoco [pio]. Sometimes considered a dialect of Baré [bae].

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