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Strange autonym information about Mandinka (mnk)

Amir Aharoni, Tue, 2019-02-12 02:53
Alternate Names
ISO 639-3: 

Hello, The Autonym for Mandinka (mnk) is currently listed as "Mandi’nka kango, لغة مندنكا‎ (Mandi’nka kango)". The string "Mandi’nka kango" is written twice. The Arabic-alphabet string "لغة مندنكا‎" doesn't say "Mandi’nka kango"; it says "lughat mandinka", which means "Mandinka language" in the Arabic language. It's conceivable that the Arabic word for "language" is also used as a loanword, but perhaps you could verify this. Thank you!

Editorial Action

We will remove the current Arabic-script name for Mandinka [mnk] in Senegal.