A language of United States

Alternate Names
Monache, Monachi

L1 users: 37 (1994 L. Hinton), decreasing. More than 20 speakers and 100 semispeakers of Western Mono. Under 30 speakers of Eastern Mono (Golla 2007). Ethnic population: 1,000 Eastern Mono (Golla 2007).


California: Sierra Nevada west side, between Yosemite National Park and King Canyon National Park; Sierra Nevada east side, Owens Valley, Lone Pine north to Big Pine.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Eastern Mono, Western Mono. Related to Northern Paiute [pao].

Language Use

Speakers 50 and older. Shifting to English [eng].

Language Development
North Fork: informal language classes, dictionary under development; Big Sandy: language classes, wordlists. Each of the communities has sponsored language revival programs.
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