A language of Chad

Alternate Names
Bananna, Bananna Ho Ho, Mosi, Moussei, Moussey, Musei, Museyna, Mussoi, Mussoy

L1 users: 308,000 (2013 J. Leclerc). Total users in all countries: 358,000.


Mayo-Kebbi Est region: Kabbia and Mont d’Illi departments, Fianga, Gounou Gaya; Mayo-Kebbi Ouest region: small border enclave; Tandjilé region: Tandjilé Ouest department, Kélo.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Bongor-Jodo-Tagal-Berem-Gunu, Pe-Holom-Gamé, Jaraw-Domo. Some intelligibility of Masana [mcn]. Marba [mpg] (Azumeina) is reportedly most similar linguistically. All dialects mutually intelligible. Dialect names are village names. Pe dialect is in Cameroon.

Language Use

Kera [ker] and other nearby groups are bilingual in Musey. Also use French [fra].

Language Development
NT: 1996.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Traditional religion.

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