A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Mandaya Mansaka

57,800 (2000).


Mindanao, Davao Oriental Province, west Baganga municipality; then into central west Compostela Valley Province; continuing south back into Davao Oriental Province, as far south as Pujada Bay.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Lexical similarity: 80% with Bislig-Mati, 89% with Mandaya [mry], 84% with Mati, 74% with Piso dialect of Kalagan [kqe].


VSO, VOS; prepositions; genitives after noun heads; articles, adjectives, and numerals before noun heads; relatives without noun heads; question word in sentence-initial position; 3 maximum prefixes, 2 maximum suffixes; word order distinguishes given and new information, topic and comment; affixes do not indicate case of noun phrases; verb affixes mark number; passives; causatives; comparatives; CV, CVC, CVV; nontonal.

Language Use

Used as L2 by Mandaya [mry].

Language Development
Dictionary. NT: 1975.

Latin script [Latn].

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