Aleut, Mednyj


A language of Russian Federation

Alternate Names
Attuan, Copper, Copper Island Aleut, Copper Island Attuan, Creolized Attuan, Medny

350 (2010 census). Census includes Aleut [ale].


Kamchatka krai: Komandor Islands, Copper island.

Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).

Language Use

Most ethnic group members in the Russian Federation speak Russian [rus] as L1.

Language Development

Taught in primary schools until 4th grade. Grammar.

Other Comments

From 1820–1840, dozens of Aleut families were brought from other islands to Commander Islands. Until 1960s, 2 villages on Bering and Medny islands. 1950s–1980s, children sent to boarding schools by the state. Christian.

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