Mixtec, Yucuañe


A language of Mexico

Alternate Names
Mixteco de San Bartolomé Yucuañe, Mixteco del Sureste Central, Tnu’u savi

710 (2000 INALI). 90 monolinguals.


Oaxaca state: northeast Tlaxiaco district, San Bartolomé Yucuañe. Many work in Mexico City and the United States.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


87% intelligibility of San Cristóbal Amoltepec [xtm], 86% of Tijaltepec [xtl], 85% of Magdalena Peñasco [xtm], 64% of Teita [xtj], 60% of Nduaxico [xtn] (Northern Tlaxiaco Mixtec), 56% of Tlacotepec [xtm]. 2 dialects in San Agustín Tlacotepec.

Language Use

Home. Also use Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: Possibly 40% in Spanish [spa]. Taught in primary and secondary schools.

Latin script [Latn].

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