A language of Portugal

Alternate Names
Mirandés, Mirandês

15,000 (2000). 10,000 use it regularly, 5,000 when they return to the area. 2,000 Sendinese in Sendim Vila.


Bragança district: Miranda do Douro and Vimioso municipalities, Miranda city; Spain border.

Language Maps
Language Status

2 (Provincial). Statutory language of provincial identity in 4 municipalities, northeast Portugal (1999, Law No. 7-99 of 29 January).


Mirandese Central (Miranadese Normal), Mirandés Setentrional (Mirandés Raiano), Mirandés Meridional (Mirandés Sendinês, Sendinês).

Language Use

Officially recognized since 1999, has gained some presence in education, media and public life since then (2007). Children 6 to 16 required to study it in school; voluntary for ages 16 to 19.

Language Development
Bible portions: 2011.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Have different dress style from their neighbors (black, handwoven cloth).

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