Kolami, Southeastern


A language of India


10,000 (1989 F. Blair). 1,500 speakers of Naiki (Van Driem 2007).


Maharashtra state: Chandrapur and Nanded districts; Telangana state: Adilabad district.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b* (Threatened).


Metla-Kinwat, Utnur, Asifabad, Naiki. Not intelligible with Northwestern Kolami [kfb]. Rao (1950) reports another dialect in Chinnoor and Sirpur taluks of Adilabad District. The Naiki dialect is different from Naikri (Zvelebil 1970:13). Lexical similarity: 85%–88% with Naiki and other Southeastern Kolami dialects, 83% with the Metla-Kinwat and Utnur, 86% with Asifabad and Utnur, 60%–74% with Northwestern Kolami [kfb].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: Low.


Telugu script [Telu].

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