Nisu, Southern


A language of China

Alternate Names
Nisupho, Yuan-Mo Yi

210,000 (2007), decreasing.


Yunnan province: Honghe, Jinping, east Lüchun, south Shiping, southeast Yuanjiang, and Yuanyang counties.

Language Maps
Language Status

8a (Moribund). Language of recognized nationality: Yi.


Yuanyang Nisu, Mojiang Nisu.

Language Use

Use active in areas with high concentrations of Nisu. However, increasing lexical borrowing from Chinese. Code switching common between Nisu and Chinese. Many men and women spend part of the year working in predominantly Chinese towns or cities. Home, village. Older adults only. Neutral attitudes. Many also use Mandarin Chinese [cmn], with their children so they can do well in school. Also spoken with outsiders, government officials who are not Nisu, non-Nisu people in township markets, elementary school teachers.


Yi script [Yiii], traditional, limited usage.

Other Comments

Traditional religion.

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