A language of Tanzania

Alternate Names

L1 users: 36,000 (2005 SIL). Includes 15,000 Ikoma, 11,500 Nata, 9,500 Isenye.


Mara region: Serengeti district, Gurumeti division.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Ikoma (Kiikoma, Koma), Nata (Ekinata, Ikinata, Kinata, Kinatta, Natta), Isenye (Isenyi, Issenye, Kiisenye, Kiissenye Ikisenyi). Lexical similarity: 81% with Zanaki [zak], 73% with Ngoreme [ngq], 68% with Kuria [kuj], 44% with Gusii [guz]. Dialect similarity: Ikoma 85% with Isenye and 89% with Nata; Isenye and Nata share 88%.


7 vowel system.

Language Use

Strong Swahili [swh] use among Nata dialect speakers. Many Nata children learn Swahili as L1. All domains, if no speakers of other languages are present. All ages.

Language Development
Bible portions: 2009–2015.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Ikoma, Nata and Isenye are 3 different ethnic groups. They consider their 3 speech varieties different, but similar enough to use the same written material. Nata seems more endangered with many children speaking more Swahili [swh] than Nata. Christian, Muslim, traditional religion.

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