A language of Thailand

Alternate Names
Jo, Nyo, Nyoh, Yo

80,000 (Hattaway 2005).


Mukdahan province: Wan Yai and Don Tan districts; Nakhon Phanom province: Tha Uthen, Na Wa, and Phon Sawan districts; Nong Khai province: Tha Bo district; Sakon Nakhon province: Muang, Kut Bak, Song Dao, and Warit Chaphum districts; Sa Kaeo province: isolated area on Cambodia border; Bueng Kan, Maha Sarakham, and Udon Thani provinces.

Language Status

6a* (Vigorous).


Reportedly similar to Northeastern Thai [tts] and the Luang Prabang dialect of Lao [lao].

Language Use

Also use Northeastern Thai [tts]. Used as L2 by Aheu [thm], Ban Khor Sign Language [bfk].

Other Comments

Maw may be an alternate name. Buddhist.

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