Ojibwa, Severn

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OJS language name and minor details

Matt W, Tue, 2018-12-11 11:27
Alternate Names
ISO 639-3: 

The standard autonym for this language in English is Oji-Cree (popularized in the last thirty years or so), and the autonym in the language is anihshininiimowin, sometimes anihshinaabemowin ("Ojibwe"). I'm wondering if Oji-Cree could as least be the first alternate name, if not the listed name of the language. When it comes to navigating SIL resources like Keyman, no speaker of Oji-Cree is familiar with the term "Severn Ojibwe." Scripture resources could be clarified and updated too. CBS published the Gospels in Oji-Cree in a limited number in 2014: Lang Development: NT Portions 1988, published as part of NW Ojibwe NT; Gospels 2014 And aside from Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, the Northern Ojibwe roman orthography used in some books and educational settings Thanks!

Editorial Action

We will change the name for this language from Severn Ojibwa to Oji-Cree [ojs] in the Ethnologue database.  This change will appear in the 23rd edition.