A language of India

Alternate Names
Pahari, Pangi, Pangwali Pahari

18,700 (2011 census).


Himachal Pradesh state: Chamba district, Pangi sub-district; Lahaul Spiti district, Udaipur on Chenab river to Chamba border at Purthi, possibly from Tandi to Sach Pass; Jammu and Kashmir state: Doda district.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a* (Vigorous).


64% inherent intelligibility of Mandeali [mjl], 52% of Kangri [xnr], 44% of Chambeali [cdh], 50% of Bhadrawahi [bhd]; some dialect variation throughout the valley in Chamba District; Purthi reportedly most divergent. Lexical similarity: 55% with Hindi [hin], 77% with Kullu Pahari [kfx]; 45% with Bhadrawahi [bhd].

Language Use

Vigorous. Home, village, religion. Positive attitudes. Also use English [eng], Hindi [hin].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 9% men, 1% women. In 1981, 9% of the men had a 5th grade education, 1% of the women; 3% of the men had an 8th grade education, fewer than 1% of the women. Literature. Radio.


Devanagari script [Deva].

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