A language of Venezuela

Alternate Names
Amorua, Dearwa, Deruwa, Deá’ru’wa, Piaroa-Mako, Uhothha, Uwotjüja, Wo’tiheh, Wöthüha
De’aruwã thiwene

14,500 (2001 census). 2,200 urban; 12,300 rural. Ethnic population: 14,500. Total users in all countries: 14,580.


Amazonas state: Orinoco river south bank, inland from Paguasa river to Manapiare; into southwestern Bolívar state.

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Language Status

6b (Threatened). Statutory language of provincial identity in Amazonas and Bolivar states (2008, Indigenous Languages Law, Article 4), Language conserved to high degree due to strong ethnic identity.

Language Use

Because of strong ethnic identity, the language is conserved to a high degree (Crevels 2007). Also use Maquiritari [mch], Spanish [spa], Yabarana [yar]. Used as L2 by Maco [wpc].

Language Development
NT: 1986–2001.

Latin script [Latn].

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