A language of India


1,000 (2004 SIL).


Kerala state: Wayanad district, Cheramkolli, Kazhambu, Mathamangalam, Thekkumpatta, and Thelampatta villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b* (Threatened).


None known. It has been reported that they speak Malayalam [mal] mixed with Kannada [kan] words (Menon 1996:313; Shashi and Shri 1994, Vol. 11). Lexical similarity: 88% with Kalanadi [wkl], 83% with Kunduvadi [wku], 72% with Malayalam [mal], 79% with Paniya [pcg], 76%–80% with Mullu Kurumba [kpb], 70%–74% with Wayanad Kurichiya.

Language Use

Continued vitality doubtful, due to small population, no separate settlements, living with Malayalis, and similarity to Malayalam [mal]. Home. Also use Malayalam [mal].


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Common cultural origin with Kunduvadiyar and Kalanadikal. Not related to the washerman caste of the same name in Travancore area. (Menon 1996). Jain.

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