A language of India

Alternate Names
Rang Po Bhasa, Rangkas, Rangpa, “Manchhi Bhassa” (pej.), “Marchha” (pej.), “Marchha Pahari” (pej.), “Tolchha” (pej.)

7,500 (2001 D. Bradley).


Uttarakhand state: Chamoli district, Joshimath sub-district, Bampa, Gamshali, Malari, and Niti villages; Mana valley, Aut, Benakuli, Gajkoti, Hanuman Chatti, Indradhara, Pathiya-Dhantoli, and Mana. Mana and Niti valleys (Marchha), Niti valley (a few Tolchha).

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Marchha, Tolchha. A Himalayan language distinct from Tibetan [bod].

Language Use

Rongpo speakers learn Garhwali simultaneously with Rongpo. Code switching and code mixing are very common. It is uncertain whether stable bilingualism will continue or whether Rongpo will be replaced by Garhwali or Hindi. Home, community. Used by all. Also use Garhwali [gbm], Hindi [hin], Kumaoni [kfy].

Language Development

Hindi used for all written communication.

Other Comments

Many Indo-Aryan loanwords. Grierson and Konow referred to this as the Garhwal dialect of Tibetan (Grierson and Konow 1903–1928). Ranglo or Rang often used as a cover term for Byangs, Chaudangs, Darma, and Rongpo. Hindu.

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