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Alternate Names
Chota Nagpuri, Dikku Kaji, Ganwari, Gauuari, Gawari, Goari, Jharkhandhi, Nagpuri, Nagpuria, Sadan, Sadana, Sadani, Sadari, Sadati, Sadhan, Sadhari, Sadna, Sadrik, Santri, Siddri, Sradri

L1 users: 3,290,000 (2001 census). 2,050,000 Sadani, 1,243,000 Nagpuria. Total users in all countries: 3,291,180.


Bihar state: Aurangabad; Chhattisgarh state: Surguja; Jharkhand state: Chatra, Latehar, Palamu, and Ranchi districts.

Language Status

3 (Wider communication). Trade language among tribal groups in Assam.


77% of Sadri [sdr], Oraon of Bangladesh. Speakers name 3 registers of Sadri: Sadani (finer, respectful, formal), Common Sadri (Nagpuri), and Lower Sadri (rough). Lexical similarity: 77%–96% between dialects, 58%–71% with Hindi [hin], 47%–54% with Odia [ory], 45%–61% with Bengali [ben].

Language Use

7,000,000 tribals in Assam speak Sadri as language of wider communication. Positive attitudes. Also use Bengali [ben], Odia [ory]. Also use Hindi [hin], especially in the market, with leaders, and for prayer and worship, but proficiency is low. Used as L2 by Asuri [asr], Birhor [biy], Majhi [mjz].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 15%–25%. Literature. Periodicals. Radio. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1931–1986.

Bengali (Bangla) script [Beng]. Devanagari script [Deva].

Other Comments

Hindu, Christian, Muslim, traditional religion.

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