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Alternate names - correction

Steve Marlett, Sun, 2016-10-23 20:23
Alternate Names
ISO 639-3: 

While people who have not learned the Seri language have referred to the language by the name "Comcáac" (accent not necessary, but OK), this is a mistake, as that is the name (in plural) of the people themselves (in Spanish, the "gentilicio"). "Cmiique" is the singular. "Cmiique iitom" is the way that the people themselves refer to the language consistently (except when accommodating outsiders who just can't keep it straight). The dictionary title (at the committee's suggestion) used "Comcaac quih yaza" --- plural form of "Cmiique iitom" — which I have never heard in any other context, but was deemed appropriate for that work. This is documented in detail in 2011, in "The Seris and the Comcaac: Sifting fact from fiction about the names and relationships". Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session 51:1-20. The erroneous "alternate name", comcáac, should be removed from the Ethnologue entry, or, if included, it should be marked as an error by uninformed persons.

Editorial Action

We will add more names for Seri [sei] and add a comment to clarify the use of the Comcáac name in the 20th edition database of the Ethnologue.