Tamahaq, Tahaggart


A language of Algeria

Alternate Names
Tamachek, Tamashekin, Tomachek, Touareg, Tourage, Tuareg

40,000 in Algeria. Population total all countries: 77,000.


Mainly Tamanrasset province south to Niger border; also southeast of Illizi and Adrar provinces; South Hoggar (Ajjer) mountain area. Hoggar Ghat dialect in southeast, Ganet area and west.

Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Ghat (Djanet, Ganet), Hoggar (Ahaggaren, Ajjer, Tahaggart). A member of macrolanguage Tamashek [tmh].

Language Use

Most still speak the language.

Language Development

Bible portions: 1948–1965.


Arabic script [Arab]. Tifinagh (Berber) script [Tfng], called Shifinagh in Niger.

Other Comments

Ethnonym: Tuareg (pl.), Targi (sg.). Muslim.

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