Tamajeq, Tayart


A language of Niger

Alternate Names
Amazigh, Tamachek, Tomacheck, Touareg, Tuareg

250,000 (1998).


Agadez region: Arlit and Tchirozerine departments; northwest Zinder and east, southeast Tahoua regions; Maradi region: Dakoro and Mayahi departments.

Language Maps
Language Status

4 (Educational).


Air (Agadez, Tamestayert, Tayart, Tayert), Tanassfarwat (Tamagarast). A member of macrolanguage Tamashek [tmh].

Language Use

Also use Hausa [hau]. Used as L2 by Algerian Saharan Spoken Arabic [aao].

Language Development
About 16 primary schools use an experimental curriculum taught in Tamajeq for the first 3 years. French gradually introduced until it becomes the primary language of instruction. Taught in primary schools. Radio programs. NT: 1990.

Latin script [Latn]. Tifinagh (Berber) script [Tfng], called Shifinagh.

Other Comments

Nomadic. Muslim.

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