Tharu, Kathariya


A language of Nepal

Alternate Names
Kathariya, Kathoriya Tharu, Tharu

106,000 in Nepal (2006). Population for all Tharu varieties: 1,530,000 (2011 census).


Seti zone: Kailali district, Chauha, Durgauli, Hasuliya, Joshipur, Lalbojhi, Munuwa, Pahalmanpur, Patharaiya, Thapapur, and Udasipur VDCs.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Tharu.


Speech differences between Nepal and India dialects. Lexical similarity: 70%–76% with Dangaura Tharu [thl] and Rana Tharu [thr], 66% with Hindi [hin], 66%–69% with Buksa [tkb], 63% with Madhya Ksetriya Tharu [the], 51%–59% with Madhya Purbiya Tharu [thq].


SOV; postpositions; noun head final (unmarked).

Language Use

Some shifting to Hindi [hin]. Used by all. Also use Hindi [hin], Nepali [npi].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: All Tharu as an ethnic group 28% (1991 census). Texts.


Devanagari script [Deva].

Other Comments

Hindu, Christian.

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