A language of Turkey

Alternate Names
Surayt, Süryani, Suryoyo, Syryoyo, Turani

3,000 in Turkey (1994 H. Mutzafi). Population total all countries: 62,000. Ethnic population: 50,000 (1994).


Southeast, Sirnak and Mardin provinces.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Anhil, ’Iwardo, Kfarze, Midin, Midyat, Raite. Turoyo subdialects divided between Town Turoyo (Midyat Turoyo), Village Turoyo, and Mixed (Village-Town) Turoyo.

Language Use

Mixed Turoyo, outside Tur ’Abdin, the language’s original location, is increasingly used mainly by youth throughout the Jacobite diaspora. All also use their national languages or local lingua francas, and some are multilingual.

Language Development
NT: 1992–2013.

Latin script [Latn], primary usage. Syriac script [Syrc].

Other Comments

Glossonym: Tûrôyo, known among scholars almost exclusively; Suryoyo, is popular. Western Syriac, refers to the Classical Western Syriac [syc] liturgy and orthography used by Turoyo speakers. Christian (Jacobite).

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