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1,500 (2010 M. Kisilier).


Peloponnese region: Arkadia regional unit, Leonidio and Prastos towns; Kastanitsa, Melana, Pramatefti, Sapounakeika, Sitena, and Tyros villages.

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Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Northern Tsakonian (Kastanista-Sitena), Southern Tsakonian (Leonidio-Prastos), Propontis Tsakonian (Vatka-Havoutsi). Southern Tsakonian has at least four subdialects: Prastos-Agios Andreas, Tyros-Sapounakeika, Melana-Pramatefti, and Vaskina. Tsakonian was derived from the Doric dialect spoken in Lakonia by ancient Spartans. Northern and Southern are reportedly mutually intelligible, but Propontis was more distinct, and more similar to standard Greek [ell]. Not inherently intelligible with modern Greek (Voegelin and Voegelin 1977). Lexical similarity: 70% or less with standard Greek [ell].

Language Use

Monolinguals existed in 1927. Few use Northern dialect. Most use Southern Tsakonian. Propontis Tsakonian has had no remaining speakers since 1970. Older adults only. Also use Greek [ell].

Language Development

Dictionary. Grammar.

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