Tat, Muslim


A language of Azerbaijan

Tat, Muslim

Alternate Names
Muslim Tat, Mussulman Tati, Tati

22,800 in Azerbaijan (2011 UNSD). Total users in all countries: 32,810.


Balakhan district: Surakhan region on Apsheron peninsula; Baku, Davichi, Kuba, Sizan, and Vartashen cities; Afruja, Chichi, Dagkushu, Genvab, Konakhkend, Lakhij, and Matrasa villages; widespread in mountains near Qonaqkend.

Language Status

7 (Shifting). De facto language of provincial identity in Quba, Shabran, Siazan.


Quba, Devechi, Qonaqkend, Qyzyl Qazma, Aruskush-Daqqushchu (Khyzy), Absheron, Balakhani, Surakhani, Lahyj, Malham. Difficult intelligibility of Judeo-Tat [jdt]. Reportedly similar to Farsi [pes]. Balakhani are recent exiles from Iran. Lahyj dialect may be a separate language.

Language Use

Rapidly shifting to Azerbaijani [azj] (Salminen 2007). Community. Few children. Positive attitudes. Also use North Azerbaijani [azj].

Language Development
Taught in primary schools. Poetry. Radio programs. Dictionary. Grammar.

Cyrillic script [Cyrl], not used in Iran. Latin script [Latn], official usage in Azerbaijan, not used in Iran.

Other Comments

Different from Takestani [tks] of Iran. Muslim.

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