A language of United States


32, all users. L1 users: No known L1 speakers (2000), but emerging L2 speakers. Last known native speaker died in 1948 (1964 M. Haas). L2 users: 32 (2017 J. Maxwell).


Louisiana: north central.

Language Status

9 (Reawakening).

Language Development
Literature. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. The Tunica Language Revitalization Project has organized language immersion summer camps for youth and immersion workshops for adults and for teens. There is also a weekly after-school program during the school year and have online classes for the extended community (2017 J. Maxwell). Agency: Tunica-Biloxi Language and Culture Revitalization Program.
Other Comments

Heritage language of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.

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