Bikol, Buhi’non

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Boie'nen: the proper name for the 'UBL' language

Boie'nen Ostong Lauyay, Sat, 2016-03-12 23:37
Alternate Names
ISO 639-3: 

Boie'nen native speakers do not use the 'h' sound. I was born in 1953 and have witnessed the deterioration of our Boie'nen language. In an attempt to contribute in its conservation and rejuvenation I have started an online 'knowledge base' for Boie'nen in this link: In the past, I have communicated with Dr. Yokihiro Yamada re his Buhi Bikol Dictionary as I found so many loan words in said paper; even Olson's list contain so many loan words that are spoken in the outskirts of Buhi. Two of my aunts have written books on our language one of whom was Dr. Dominga Portugal and Mrs Judith Claveria. I hope to devote more time to be able to contribute towards the conservation and development of the Boie'nen Language.

Editorial Action

We will add this new name for Buhinon Bikol [ubl] in the Philippines in the 20th edition database of the Ethnologue.