A language of Russian Federation

Alternate Names
Kiakala, Tazy, Ude, Udegei, Udeghe, Udehe, Udekhe

100 (2010 census). Ethnic population: 1,500 (2010 census).


Khabarovsk krai: Lazo area, Arsenievo and Gvasiugi settlements; Primorsky krai: Pozharsky area, Krasny Yar, Olon, and Sobolinyi settlements; Ternei area, Agzu settlement; Krasnoarmeisky area, Dalniy Kut, Melnichnoye, and Roschino settlements; Siberia far east.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Khungari, Khor, Aniuy, Samarga, Bikin, Iman, Kur-Urmi. Dialect differences not great.

Language Use

Shifting rapidly to Russian [rus] (Salminen 2007). Home. Older adults only.

Language Development

Dictionary. Grammar. Texts.


Cyrillic script [Cyrl].

Other Comments

Resettled in artificial villages in Russian-speaking [rus] region with Ukrainian and Nanai people. Children sent to boarding schools. Hezhe, in China may refer to this. Traditional religion, Christian.

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