A language of Thailand

Alternate Names
Gong, Lawa, Ugawng

150 (Bradley 2007b). Ethnic population: 500 (Bradley 2007b).


Suphan Buri province: northwestern; Uthai Thani province: southwestern.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Kok Chiang, Suphanburi. Not closely related to other languages.

Language Use

Extinct in traditional territory in western Kanchanaburi Province, moribund (youngest fluent speakers over 40) in Kok Chiang village in Suphanburi Province, endangered in Khok Khwai village in Uthai Thani Province, where they have recently lost their land and dispersed into the surrounding forests (Bradley 2007a). Home. Older adults only. Most also use Lao [lao] (Bradley 2007a), Thai [tha] (Bradley 2007a).

Language Development

Revival activities underway in Kok Chiang village in Suphanburi Province (Bradley 2007a).


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Distinct from Western Lawa [lcp] and Eastern Lawa [lwl] in the Palaungic branch of Austro-Asiatic. Buddhist, traditional religion.

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