Kaapor Sign Language


A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Ka’apor Sign Language, “UKSL” (pej.), “Urubu-Kaapor Sign Language” (pej.), “Urubú Sign Language” (pej.)

No known L1 users. Ferreira Brito 1984 reported 5 deaf and less than 500 hearing, but unconfirmed reports say no users remain. Deaf users were monolingual.


Maranhão and Pará states: several villages, near the Gurupi river.

Language Status

10 (Extinct).


OSV; noun-modifier, movement modification for intensity; relatively large signing space.

Language Use

Urubu hearing children grew up knowing both spoken and sign systems. Also use Kaapor [urb], especially most hearing people (Ferreira Brito 1984).

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