A language of India

Alternate Names
Katan, Kattalan, Kochuvelan, Ulladan

No known L1 speakers. Ethnic population: 16,700 (2001 census).


Kerala, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Idukki, Koliam, Pathanamthitta, Alleppey, and Trivandrum districts.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).

Language Use

May have no remaining speakers. Most, if not all, shifted to Malayalam [mal].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 72–82% (2001 census).
Other Comments

Prefer to be considered Malayalis rather than Ullatan. Ulladan and Kochu Velan are both Scheduled Tribes. Traditional religion, Hindu.

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