A language of Indonesia

Alternate Names
Ndaoe, Ndau, “Umalasa” (pej.)

3,940 (Quick 2007).


Central Sulawesi province: Balaesang sub-district, Sibayu, Walandano, and other villages; scattered north to Dampal Utara district.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b* (Threatened).


SVO; prepositions; word order marks grammatical relations; actor and undergoer voice; aspect markers; causatives; 19 consonants and 5 vowels; prefix vowel harmony.

Language Use

Pendau is the everyday language in their settlements, but Indonesian [ind] is used with speakers of neighboring languages and with outside officials. Children’s education is in Indonesian (Quick 2007). Home, community. Most also use Indonesian [ind] (Quick 2007). Also use Manado Malay [xmm] (Quick 2007).

Language Development

Grammar. Bible portions: 2002–2005.


Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

“Umalasa” is a Bugis [bug] exonym meaning ‘the sick ones’ with negative connotations. Muslim, Christian.

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