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Country: India, Field: Comments: "non-indigenous".

marrish, Fri, 2016-10-14 11:07
ISO 639-3: 

Hello, Under the classification of Urdu for India, in the field Comments, featuring "non-indigenous" doesn't seem the best choice. Perhaps there is a reason for it or I am not familiar with the term's meaning in ethnologue.com usage, but I'd rather see to the fact that Urdu originated in Delhi and its surroundings on basis of the Khari Boli dialect, simultaneoulsly with Indian Deccan peninsula where it flourished and produced literature as early as the 1500's. Further notable centre of Urdu culture and literature has been Lucknow in east India, and the vast majority of native speakers live in Uttar Pradesh state of India. Please reconsider the issue and I hope the necessary rectification the issue deserves will do the information credibiility good. Best regards

Editorial Action

We will change the status of Urdu [urd] in India to indigenous language for the 20th edition of the Ethnologue.