Bontok, Southwestern


A language of Philippines

Alternate Names

2,470 (2007 census).


Cordillera Administrative Region: Mountain province, Bontoc municipality, Alab, Balili, Gonogon and villages in Chico river valley, southwest of Bontoc municipal capital.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Ina-ab, Binalili, Ginonogon. Reportedly similar to Central Bontok [lbk], Northern Bontok [rbk], Southern Bontok [obk], and Eastern Bontok [ebk]. A member of macrolanguage Bontok [bnc].

Language Use

Home. Older adults only. Also use Central Bontok [lbk], Ilocano [ilo], Kankanaey [kne].


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Various municipality residents do not identify their language as Bontok. They identify with their community dialect, and label it distinctively: Alab (Ina-ab), Balili (Binalili), Gonogon (Ginonogon); however, they maintain a sense of community with other Southwestern Bontok speakers based on perceived phonological and other linguistic differences from Central Bontok [lbk].

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