A language of Australia

Alternate Names
Gungung-willam, Mort Noular, Ngarukwillam, Oorongie, Urunjeri, Waarengbadawa, Wainworra, Wairwaioo, Warerong, Warorong, Warwaroo, Waverong, Wavoo-rong, Wawoo-rong, Wawoorong, Wawurong, Wawurrong, Woewo-rung, Woi-wurrong, Woiworung, Woiwurong, Woiwurru, Woiwurung, Wooeewoorong, Wowerong, Wurrundyirra-baluk, Wurrunjeri, Wurundjeri, Wurunjeri, Wurunjerri-baluk, Wuywurrung, Yarra Yarra

No known L1 speakers. Probably became extinct late in the 19th century.


Victoria state: Healesville, Lancefield, Macedon, Melbourne, Moe, Mordialloc, Mount Bawbaw, Mount Disappointment, Saltwater river, Warragul, Woodend, Yarra river.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).

Language Development

Woiwurrung is being taught in Thornbury Primary School and Healesville High School; language apps and audio books in Woiwurrung are also available.


Unwritten [Qaax].

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