Mixtec, Magdalena Peñasco


A language of Mexico

Alternate Names
Peñasco Mixtec
Sa’an Ñuu Savi

7,350 (2005 census). 1,170 monolinguals (2000 census).


Oaxaca state: Tlaxiaco district, San Agustín Tlacotepec, San Cristobal Amoltepec, San Mateo Peñasco, and Santa María Magdalena Peñasco municipalities.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


San Agustín Tlacotepec Mixtec (Tlacotepec Mixtec), San Cristóbal Amoltepec Mixtec, San Mateo Peñasco Mixtec. 89% intelligibility of San Cristóbal Amoltepec (not the same as Santiago Amoltepec [mbz], in the District of Sola de Vega), 76% of Tijaltepec [xtl] and Sinicahua [xti], 73% of San Miguel el Grande [mig], 72% of Tlacotepec [xtm], 68% of Ocotepec [mie], 64% of Northern Tlaxiaco (Nduaxico) [xtn], 58% of Yucuañe [mvg].

Language Use

The language is almost never used for written communication. Mainly older teens and adults. Positive attitudes. Many also use Spanish [spa], with their children.

Language Development
Most people aged 50 and under are literate in Spanish [spa]. Bilingual primary school. Taught in secondary schools. NT: 2012.

Latin script [Latn].

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