A language of Mozambique

Alternate Names
Kimakwe, Macue, Palma

22,000 in Mozambique (2003). Total users in all countries: 119,700.


Cabo Delgado province: coast, Tanzania border area south to Quionga and Palma; Ruvuma river area to Pundanhar.

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Language Status

6b* (Threatened).


Coastal Makwe (Palma), Interior Makwe. Not inherently intelligible with Swahili [swh]. Lexical similarity: 60% with Swahili [swh], 57% with Mwani [wmw], 48% with Yao [yao].

Language Use

Some also use Mwani [wmw], especially men. Some also use Portuguese [por], especially those with schooling, for reading. Some also use Swahili [swh], especially men. Those with schooling can read Swahili. Also use Makonde [kde].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 20%. Motivation for literacy is high. Grammar.

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