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Alternate Names

7,760 (2001 census).


Karnataka state; Kerala state: Palakkad district, Chittoor and Palakkad sub-districts; Tamil Nadu state: Coimbatore district, Pollachi sub-district.

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Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


None known. Lexical similarity: 68%–74% with Tamil [tam], 79%–83% with Walayar Irula [iru], 77%–86% with Eravallan [era], 57%–61% with Malayalam [mal], 68%–75% with Mala Malasar [ima] (2004 survey); 52%–56% with Malaryan [mjq], 77%–82% between Malasar and Kollimalakkar, Kollimalakkar 80% with Malapulaya (2006 survey).

Language Use

Home, village, religion. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Also use Tamil [tam]. Also use Malayalam [mal], especially in Kerala among the few with higher education.

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 36% in Kerala, 22% in Tamil Nadu (2001 census).


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Kollimalakkar call themselves Malasar but are different culturally, belonging to the Malayali tribe of Tamil Nadu. They migrated to Nelliyampathy area in Kerala for work many years ago. Traditional religion, Christian, Hindu.

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