A language of United States


50 (Golla 2007). Wukchumne dialect: fewer than 10; Choinumne dialect: 6; Yowlumne dialect: 20–25 fluent and semispeakers; Chukchansi: a few semispeakers; Tachi dialect: a few speakers (Golla 2007). Ethnic population: 2,500 (2000 A. Yamamoto).


California: San Joaquin river and valley; Sierra Nevada slopes.

Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Southern Foothill Yokuts, Valley Yokuts, Wukchumne (Wukchumni), Choinumne (Choinimne, Choynumne), Yowlumne, Chukchansi (Northern Foothill Yokuts), Tachi, Dumna, Gashowu. Many subvarieties.

Language Use

Shifting to English [eng]. Southern Foothill and Valley Yokuts are extinct.

Language Development
Grammar. Some revival activity in Chukchansi and Tachi communities and several Yowlumne speakers and learners have participated in master-apprentice teaching (Golla 2007).
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