A language of Nigeria

Alternate Names
Yariba, Yooba, Yorùbá
Èdè Yorùbá

39,500,000 in Nigeria, all users. L1 users: 37,500,000 in Nigeria (2015). L2 users: 2,000,000. Total users in all countries: 39,844,260 (as L1: 37,844,260; as L2: 2,000,000).


Widespread, in southwest.

Language Status

2 (Provincial). De facto provincial language in southwestern region.


Oyo, Ijesha, Ila, Ijebu, Ondo, Wo, Owe, Jumu, Iworro, Igbonna, Yagba, Gbedde, Egba, Akono, Aworo, Bunu (Bini), Ekiti, Ilaje, Ikale, Awori, Ào.


SVO; prepositions; noun head initial; no articles; 17 consonant and 11 vowel phonemes; tonal (3 tones: high, mid, low).

Language Use

Also use English [eng]. Used as L2 by Akpes [ibe], Bokobaru [bus], Ebira [igb], Ukaan [kcf].

Language Development

Literacy rate in L2: 35%. Taught in primary and secondary schools. Newspapers. Radio. TV. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 1900–2005.


Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab], no longer in use. Braille script [Brai]. Latin script [Latn], used since 1865, primary usage.

Other Comments

Christian, Muslim, traditional religion.

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